St. George area splash pads


st george splash pads

I have been searching for a website that lists all of the splash pads in the St. George area and Southern Utah, and could not find one with a complete list, so I thought I would make one myself!  Below are the ones I could find.  Most are located in free public parks, but I have noted a few where entrance fees are required.

St. George

  • St. George Town Square, 50 S. Main Street, St. George.  (This park has a splash pad area as well as a red rock waterfall/river area that is a fun area to play in.)
  • The Fields Phase 2 (Little Valley Park), 2995 South 2350 East, St. George.
  • Hidden Valley Park, 3505 Barcelona Drive, St. George.
  • There is also a small splash pad in the Silkwood neighborhood in Little Valley at 3530 South 2640 East, St. George.  The splash pad is located at west side of the public park.  (This is just a park with a splash pad with no playground equipment.)



Santa Clara/Ivins

Cedar City


My two cents:

The St. George Town Square is a favorite spot of many families for the splash pad and river features.  If you are not a St. George local, I would recommend this spot for it’s location in historic downtown St. George and nearby eateries.  Also bring some money for the carousel!  Be advised that Town Square is often very busy and crowded!

Hidden Valley is a popular spot for locals.  I used to take my family there frequently but now I refuse to take my kids there.  This is because the playground equipment is built so that it is very hard to be able to see your kids playing unless you are very close by.  It’s a great park for older kids, but not so great for little kids (at least, not mine).  Because this is a popular park with a lot of kids, it’s just too hard for me to watch all my children at once, which stresses me out!

The Fields Phase 2 is my family’s favorite park and splash pad.  I can pretty much sit at any of the benches and be able to see my kids in the splash pad or on either of the playground areas.  It can be busy at times but is not as busy as the parks mentioned above.


I think it would be really fun to do a splash pad park hop in the summer time!  You could make it a contest and have your kids judge each splash pad on a scale of one to ten to have them determine which is their favorite!


For you locals, which one is your favorite splash pad?  Leave a comment!


If you know of any other splash pads in Southern Utah to add to this list, please leave a comment!