How to get free money to jumpstart college savings with Utah Educational Savings Plan!


Disclosure: I may receive compensation when you open a new account with the Utah Educational Savings Plan.  I was not compensated to write this post.

One thing I have valued my whole life is a college education.  I still remember a time when as a young child, an adult asked me what plans I had after I completed my schooling in high school, to which I automatically replied that I would attend college.  Already at a young age, due to my mother who stressed the value of an education, and due to teachers who always set a high educational standard for me, I knew that I would attend and graduate college.  I was thrilled when I received my acceptance letter to the University of Utah (Go Utes!) and completed a study abroad program to England, an internship with the City of Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, and my degree in Mass Communication and a minor in History.  I was also thrilled to work after I graduated to put my husband through school at the University of Utah (Go Utes again!) and help him achieve his degree.  I knew even before having children that we as future parents were setting a standard of a college education for our children.

It was no surprise then that one of the first financial things we did with the birth of each of our children was to set up a college savings account.  It is not something that we actively fund each month, but when our children receive birthday or Christmas money, that money is directed to their college funds.   Although our children are still relatively young, it is fun to watch their accounts grow each month and know that we have put something away for their future educations.

We have chosen to save for our children’s future higher education expenses with the Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) because it is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top 529 college savings plans. You too may be thinking about saving for a child’s future college costs.  If you are a fellow Utah resident, there is a UESP promotion that could benefit both of us!

Right now when you open a UESP account, just enter my unique reference code, 1VBUYJ, in the Promotional Code field during the account setup process and we may both receive a contribution from UESP!  UESP will jumpstart your savings by making a $10 matching contribution to your new account after you contribute at least $10.  An extra $10 may not seem like much now, but imagine after investing it for several years how much it could grow!

You can then refer your Utah resident family and friends to open a UESP account with your unique code and receive $20 when they make their first contribution.

Be sure to act quickly because it ends on either Wednesday, July 31, 2013, or when funding for the promotion is depleted.

More information on UESP:

Earnings on UESP accounts grow tax deferred and are federal and Utah state tax free when used for qualified higher education expenses. Utah taxpayers can claim a 5 percent annual Utah state income tax credit on contributions to each beneficiary’s account, if the beneficiary is under age 19 when designated on the account.

UESP, Utah’s official nonprofit 529 plan, is highly recommended by Morningstar, Inc.,Money magazine,, and financial expert Clark Howard.

UESP will not share your personal account information with your friends or family members and will not make other contact with your referrals. If you have questions, please visit, e-mail, or call UESP toll-free at 800.418.2551.