Two more St. George businesses closing!

I heard some rumors about some stores closing, so I made a few phone calls and confirmed the following:

OfficeMax - Click here to return to the home page.

Office Max in Washington is closing December 29th.

They are offering 50% off clearance items and 40% off regular priced items currently.  No clearance is given for furniture, computers, printers or ink.  They will not be reopening in another location, so the next closest location is Las Vegas. - Home

Big Lots is closing January 15th or sooner if inventory runs out.

They are offering a 20% discount right now which could increase over time.  They are looking at relocating to another site, so there is hope that they will reopen again!

Are you sad to see these stores go?  I admit I don’t shop at Office Max, but I do occasionally shop at Big Lots and would hate to see them leave town.  It’s always sad to see a business leave St. George!  Hurry over to these stores if you are interested in snagging some good deals before they are gone!